Whether your last move was across the country or across the street but it probably ended up with two words “NEVER AGAIN!!” but of course you never know if that was your last move or you going to move again here in Four Winds Int’l we make you feel that moving from house to house is the easiest thing to be done!

And to accomplish this Four Winds Int’l provides you with some tips to make your move as safely and smoothly as possible:

·         Fine china, art pieces, shoes and lamp shade never be wrapped in newspaper because these items could be stained by the ink.

·         Don’t pack books and heavy items in a big box, the heavier the items, the smaller the box

·         Never cross edges of the box top, moving boxes should be sealed by packing tape.

·         Don’t pack any items with sharp edges with clothes, towels or cushions.

·         Call Four Winds Int’l whenever you decide to move again.